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Nov 25 2011

VMware – Site Recovery Manager 5 Overview

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Sep 26 2011

VMware – vSphere 5.0 documentation center


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Sep 10 2011

VMware – vSphere 5 documentation in PDF and ebook format


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Aug 30 2011

VMware View 5.0 – What’s New

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Aug 11 2011

VMware – vSphere Licensing Advisor

The VMware vSphere Licensing Advisor allows users with vSphere 4.1, vSphere 4.0 and Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 environments to calculate and understand their vRAM usage and vRAM capacity as if they upgraded to vSphere 5.0. Starting with vSphere 5.0, the vSphere licensing model will evolve from per processor with physical restrictions to per processor with pooled …

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Aug 08 2011

VMware – vSphere 5.0 – What’s new

The below slidedeck contains the new vSphere 5.0 features for the following topics: Licensing, Packaging & Pricing Platform ESXCLI Interface Image Builder & Auto Deploy vCenter Server vMotion, DRS/DPM High Availability Networking Storage VMware Data Recovery 2.0 Site Recovery Manager 5.0

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Jun 28 2011

VMware – ESXi scratch partition and logging

Scratch partition When you install ESXi, a scratch partition is automatically created when local disks are used and at least 5GB of free diskspace is available for ESXi to install on. This “scratch partition” is used for storing vm-support dumps log files userworld swapfiles (if enabled). When using Boot-from-SAN or USB scratch partitions are not …

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May 09 2011

VMware – CPU key indicators

Important CPU metrics to look at when troubleshooting CPU performance in VMware environments.   %Ready (%RDY) •% time a vCPU was ready to be scheduled on a physical processor but couldn’t due to processor contention •Investigation Threshold: 10% per vCPU %Co-Stop (%CSTP) •% time a vCPU in an SMP virtual machine is “stopped” from executing, …

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Dec 15 2010

VMware – vSphere Advanced Troubleshooting

VMware vSphere Advanced Troubleshooting

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Nov 25 2010

VMware – ESX versus ESXi

How it was done in ESX <=> How it is now done in ESXi

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