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Mar 06 2017

VMware Horizon View – Kiosk mode

General Kiosk mode is a method of delivering a VMware Horizon View desktop to a zero client, a thin client or a PC without the need for an end-user to authenticate to the connection server. Instead of associating a VDI with a userID, kiosk mode associates a VDI with a MAC address or a clientID of …

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Jul 06 2016

VMware Horizon View – Multi VLAN Network

General When implementing VMware Horizon View Pools with a large number of desktops (large = exceeding the limit of a single /23 or /24 bit subnet), there are basically 3 options to properly arrange network connectivity for the virtual desktops within a VMware Horizon View environment: Option 1: Create a single large subnet in which …

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Jun 03 2016

VMware Horizon View – Network Considerations

Teradici’s PCoIP display protocol provides real-time delivery with high fidelity desktop experience for VMware Horizon View virtual desktops. To ensure a responsive desktop, the PCoIP protocol must be deployed across a properly architected virtual desktop network infrastructure that meets bandwidth, QoS, latency, jitter, and packet loss requirements. Virtual Desktop Bandwidth Calculator Teradici has released a …

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Feb 01 2016

VMware Horizon View – USB Smart Card Reader Redirection

USB Smart Card Readers can be redirected from the end-users device to a VMware Horizon View Virtual Desktop, however this is blocked by default. To allow USB Smart Card reader redirection s it is necessary to set a few settings in the VMware Horizon View Group Policy applied to the Horizon View Desktops. The settings …

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Jan 28 2016

VMware Horizon View – Windows 10 Golden Image Creation

In this blog post I describe the steps required to create a Virtual Machine template using Windows 10 from scratch. Only optimizations of the core OS are described, the impact of installed applications within the guest will also need to be evaluated. Below are the steps to follow to create an optimized Golden Image for VDI …

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Oct 16 2015

VMware Horizon View – Authenticate with your fingerprint

Since VMware Horizon 6.2 a new functionality has been introduced to be able to log in to your VDIs and RDSH applications using the Touch ID on iPhones and iPads. This feature is only supported with Horizon 6.2 when using Horizon Client 3.5.  The mobile device must also be running IOS 8 or later and …

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Jul 20 2015

VMware Horizon View – Using ZEN Loadbalancer to loadbalance Connection Server Traffic

General Zen loadbalancer (ZLB) is as simple and easy to use open source loadbalancer. It can be used to loadbalance a variety for solutions, but here I describe how to configure it to load balance VMware Horizon View connection servers. The Zen Loadbalancer can also be configred in an HA pair as described here, but …

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Jun 05 2015

VMware Horizon View – Upgrade Order

Today VMware Horizon 6.1.1 was released. The upgrade procedure is described in length at https://pubs.vmware.com/horizon-61-view/index.jsp#com.vmware.horizon-view.upgrade.doc/GUID-CE9531F4-6E70-494B-BE42-EF4666719F24.html Important is that you must complete the upgrade process in a specific order. Below a summary of the steps to take to upgrade your Horizon View environment to 6.1.1 Stop/halt all View scheduled tasks Disable provisioning of all linked-clone desktop …

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Jun 03 2015

VMware Horizon View – Script to enable the Windows Aero Interface

The other day I got a request from a customer to enable the Windows Aero interface on their linked clone VDIs. Personally I do not see any benefit in doing this (on the contrary), but apparently some users really like it, they even say they “need” it. Due to the optimizations I do on the …

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Apr 22 2015

VMware Horizon View – Script to create Persona Management Repositories, Shares and Permissions

When setting up VMware Horizon View Persona Management, one of the task to do is to create a remote repository to store the user data and settings, application-specific data, and other user-generated information in user profiles. Required persona management remote repository permissions The minimum required NTFS and share level permissions are:   NTFS PERMISSIONS REQUIRED …

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