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Apr 16 2012

Top 10 things to know about MyVMware

WIth the introduction of MyVMware a lot of people have questions. KB article 2017468 lists the top 10 things to know about MyVMware.

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Dec 17 2011

VMware – vCenter Database Pre-Upgrade Checker

Before you upgrade vCenter Server, you can run the VMware vCenter Database Pre-Upgrade Checker on your current vCenter Server database to reveal problems that could prevent the upgrade or affect the performance of your database after the upgrade. For more information see KB article 2004286

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Jun 16 2011

VMware Troubleshooting Mind Maps

To assist you in navigating your issue to the right solution, VMware created a number of interactive maps of the most common problems users are seeing, and what articles can help you solve those issues. Make sure to use version 9 or later of Adobe Reader to open these.   VMware Resolution path for Converter …

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May 16 2011

VMware – Free compliance checker for vSphere

Check the compliance of your IT infrastructure against specific standards and best practices that are applicable for the environment. The Compliance Checker is a free, downloadable, fully-functional product for checking compliance of your environment to help you ensure that it remains secure and compliant. Download here

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Mar 21 2011

VMware – Investigating the health of a vCenter database server

For troubleshooting purposes it may be necessary to verify the health of the VirtualCenter database server. This VMware article provides steps to eliminate the common causes for problems with a database server, including full disk space, transaction log maintenance, index fragmentation and other common database problems.

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Oct 06 2010

VMware – Product Interoperability Matrix

The new VMware Product Interoperability Matrix currently allows you to see what versions of vCenter Server and ESX Server are compatible with the various different solutions from VMware. Using the online VMware Product Interoperability Matrix, it is possible to see what versions of ESX and vCenter Server are compatible with a wide range of existing …

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Mar 11 2010

Support Validation Wizard

To know if a Microsoft Product is supported on VMware (or another hypervisor), Microsoft has an easy to use support validation wizard

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