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Optimization, Capacity Planning and Chargeback software for VMware and Hyper-V

Mar 23 2010

VKernel: Product Offering

VKernel’s award winning Capacity Management products help system administrators reduce the costs of virtualization and ensure application performance. VKernel’s suite of Capacity Optimization products reduce the cost of virtualization by optimizing server and storage resource utilization. The Performance Optimization products ensure application performance by identifying and resolving capacity bottlenecks. The Cost Visibility products provide application …

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Feb 18 2010

VKernel: SnapshotMyVM

VKernel’s free SnapshotMyVM is a quick–to–install and easy–to–use standalone documentation tool for VMware ESX environments. Within minutes, SnapshotMyVM completely automates the time–consuming process of documenting all virtual machines (VMs). You can download it from VKernels website or here    

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